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Why a Certified Tax Coach?

Why a Certified Tax Coach

Tax laws are complex. The United States tax code is 67,204 pages long and there are allegedly 1,638 different tax forms. The IRS estimates that 37 to 80 hours are needed for the average taxpayer to prepare their taxes each year, depending on the individual's situation. For those who make more money than the average taxpayer, these hours are drastically increased.

Many accountants work as "number crunchers" for individuals and business owners who feel overwhelmed by the complexity of the U.S. tax code. However, focusing solely on tax compliance and not tax strategies, these tax professionals miss opportunities for their clients to save big. In fact, the United States Government Accountability Office (GAO) states that $1 billion each year is overpaid from taxpayers who missed tax reduction opportunities. As tax planners, we save our clients from overpaying by focusing on year-round, proactive tax planning techniques. We capitalize on the wealth of tax-saving resources provided in the United States tax code, resulting in remarkable tax savings for our clients in April.

Trained in Proactive Tax Planning

Certified Tax Coaches are experts in proactive tax planning. We have the skills to uncover credits, deductions, and tax loopholes that rescue thousands of dollars from taxes every year. Our premier group of tax professionals includes Certified Public Accountants (CPA), Enrolled Agents (EA), financial service providers, and attorneys. There are less than 700 skilled professionals in 50 states who have achieved this specialized designation.

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